Frequently Asked Questions about DivorceCare for Kids
What ages is DC4K designed for?
DC4K is for ages 5-12.
Do I have to stay in the building while my child is at DC4K?
Yes. In order to serve the whole family's needs, we provide DivorceCare classes for adults which run concurrently with DC4K.  The topics are the same each week which allows for children and parents to progress through the healing process together and provides a springboard for meaningful conversation.
I have more than one child, do they keep kids from one family together?  
Yes.  DC4K is structured to replicate a large family environment.   Children from the same family are kept together because they often look to each other for security during the divorce experience.
Is there a cost involved?  
Yes, the workbook is $15. Please let us know if you have any questions or special needs.