754 Family Prayer

How many of you like to talk? We talk about work, school, friends, food, TV shows, sports, everything and anything. We just like to talk. By spending time together talking we develop a relationship within our family and with one another.

That's what prayer is all about. Prayer is at the very core of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Why? Prayer is simply conversation with God.

If you are like me and the hundreds of parents I have worked with, you have a strong and sometimes even desperate desire to establish a stable and health household full of the presence and power of God. I believe that parents today want to be good-if not great-parents, and they want their children to grow up in a supportive and nuturing home environment. The best way and in fact the only way to accomplish that is to make prayer in your home a priority.

If you want more of God into your lifestyle at home, then you must remember the prayer altar and intentionalize your efforts for Prayer@Home. I encourage you to print out the Prayer@Home Guide and Prayer@Home Calendar and establish the prayer altar in your home.