DivorceCare for Kids – Tender Lives Restored

DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) is a special group to help children, ages 5-12, heal from the hurt caused by the separation or divorce of their parents.  Kids will make friends with other kids who understand how they feel and the things they are going through.  Best of all, Kids will learn how God’s love can strengthen them and help turn tears to hope and joy!

DivorceCare for Kids –ClassesClasses are fun and interesting.  Each lesson combines the following elements:

          Games                       Group Discussion
          Story time                   Music
          Workbook                   Crafts
          DVD Drama                Snacks

DivorceCare for Kids Sessions

  1. What’s Happening to My Family?
  2. God loves Children in All Kinds of Families
  3. Facing My Anger
  4. Journey from Anger to Sadness
  5. I am Not Alone
  6. God’s Plan for Me
  7. Developing New Relationships
  8. Developing Money Smarts
  9. It’s Not My Fault
  10. Telling My Parents How I Feel
  11. Forgiveness
  12. Loving My Parents
  13. Moving On: Grown UP and Closer to God

For Frequently Asked Questions about DC4K, click here.