Divorce Care

Frequently Asked Questions about DivorceCare:

Is there a cost for the workbook?  

Yes, the workbook is $20

 Is childcare available? 

Yes, childcare is available at no cost.  However, pre-registration is required so we can figure our children/caregiver ratio.  Click here to register your children.

 Is there a program for my child/ren that will help them through my separation or divorce?  

Yes, the DivorceCare for Kids program runs concurrently with DivorceCare and is for ages 5 to12. Click here for information about DC4K.

 Do I have to attend all the classes? 

No, each class stands alone.  In fact, if you miss a class during one session, you can make it up during a subsequent session.

 Is this a co-ed class? 

Yes, it is; however, there are specific guidelines and rules that make it a safe environment, while allowing men and women to learn from each other.

 Is this a counseling program? 

No, DivorceCare is not a counseling program and the leaders are not counselors.  We believe that there is healing to be found from God in a supportive and understanding small group support setting.

 Can I start now?

Yes, you can start at any time during a given session of classes.

 How do the classes run?

The classes start with a video and then small groups meet afterwards and discuss questions from the curriculum.