I like to play at preschool in the Indoor Playground.  I have learned about letters and songs.  I like to read books and write letters.  I like to play being a fire fighter.

Preschool is a good healthy environment for me.  I like to play face painting with the girls. I like to sit on the letter “t” on the rug in my classroom and learn about letters. We play in the Indoor Playground, then we do Specials.  We eat lunch, read books, and do a project with the teacher.


I like to play princesses with my friends.  I like to be Cinderella.  I like to play in the kitchen and make something for my friends. I like to dress up like Cinderella.  I like to sit by my friends at lunch. I like to read with my teacher. In my class I like to learn numbers and letters.  I like to sing the alphabet song. Preschool is the best school!