Activity One

The Date Night planners:

  • Have your children plan a date night for Mom & Dad
  • If you are a single parent home- have kids plan a fun night just for you
  • Use a calendar to set date and post it on the refrigerator
    • One fun way to do this would be to have the kids draw and color the date night for you
  • Make sure all details are arranged by the kids
  • If your kids have an allowance, let them gather some of their money to contribute to the date (I.E. money for an ice cream treat while you are out)
  • Mom & Dad- use your iPhone to video your date night evening and at another time sit down with your kids and watch it together

Activity Two

Just for Mom and Dad:

  • Separately make a list of all the ways you can let your spouse know he/she is your number one priority.
  • Be creative with fun ideas
    • Sit down together and share your list with one another
  • Start today to implement your ideas

Activity Three

Date Night Recipes