Global Impact

Under insightful and inspired direction from Pastor Mike Hayes, Covenant Church is breaking in new territory with a dynamic strategy for mission work. Up to this point, the church of Jesus Christ has been incredibly effective in changing the spiritual landscapes of Central America, South America, and Africa; winning these areas for Christ. Pastor Mike and our leadership believe that it's now time to turn our focus to other spheres of influence in order to continue spreading the revelation of God's love around the world. We have prayerfully and purposefully selected three cities each in four different regions (The United States, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.) These cities were chosen under specific criteria:

- historical significance
- spiritual significance
- artistic influence
- technological or economic influence
- population of at least one million 

We believe that cities with great influence on our world are the ones with the greatest need for influence from the Kingdom of God. 

So, we have sought out God-inspired direction in deciding how to influence these key areas. This is our approach:

12 Cities

We encourage you to choose one of these cities that you feel called to pray for. Maybe you know someone from there. Maybe you've visited. Maybe it's just a feeling. Whatever the case, we invite you to choose a city and commit to cover it in prayer. Research your city and discover new ways to support God's work there. If possible, plan a trip. Go to your city, meet the people, and pray over that region.

For more information on how you can get involved e-mail